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MPC, the founder and originator of the ECR® ("Electronic Compliance Record"), provides online tools for effortlessly managing the nuts and bolts of any compliance program. ECR® is the key ingredient in an audit-ready organization - a continuously recorded, readily accessible history of your organization's compliance activities... Your ECR®
Whether you're a one-provider sole-practitioner or a multi-location multi-provider conglomeration, MPC is designed to help your practice get audit-ready, and stay audit-ready.

ECR® Features:

Secure, Web-Based Central Repository
Policy Library
• My Policy Library - Upload your current Compliance Policies, Procedures, Training Materials, Memo’s and Notes
• Public Policy Library - Contains Compliance Checklists and Sample Policies that are Customizable to Your Practice, and References for all things related to healthcare compliance.
Mandatory Compliance Elements
• An Employee Hotline Accessible 24/7
• Automated Monthly Employee Exclusions Database Checks
• Detailed Electronic Record of Your Compliance History
Automated Employee Compliance Administration
Automatic Employee Participation Tracking
• A readily accessible history of your organization's compliance activities.
Audit Readiness
• While you DO compliance, Your ECR™ is populated with a Full, Detailed, Historical Record of Compliance Actions, Policies, Procedures, Training and Verification.
• When (NOT IF) your Compliance Program is Under Review, the Auditor will Need Only see Your ECR™ as Evidence of your Compliance.

ECR® - Your LIFELINE to Compliance Audit Readiness

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