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The MPC system is built utilizing a central, web-based repository where your data will be securely stored and maintained. Access to Your ECR® is secured, with your designated compliance administrator in charge of others’ access, security, and policy and employee activity administration.

Within Your ECR™ you can create a tailored Policy Library (“My Policy Library”) containing your company’s compliance documents, policies and procedures, training materials, new hire materials, and even your own internal operational documents of all types.
Your ECR™ will contain Compliance Activity History consisting of every organizational compliance activity you have undertaken, every employee’s participation history, and every compliance activity note to file, memo, or compliance related company action.

Having one central location for all your compliance data where it is easily Accessible, Organized and Secure is the KEY to your audit-readiness. When, not if, your organization is under review, your record of compliance activities, policies, procedures, and all related activities are available for producing on-demand for an auditor, whether it’s this year, six years from now, or whenever...you’re Audit-Ready


Your data is securely accessible from an internet connection via a web browser where every element and record of your organization’s compliance programs is always at hand.



Using secure administrator access, your ECR™ is available to only those to whom you choose to grant access, either view-only or full administrator capability.



Your policies, procedures, memos, and all employees’ compliance activities are organized for simplified management and ready review all via Your ECR® on the web.


Policy maintenance, employee training, and compliance recordkeeping are as simple as point and click.  Compliance with MPC can be done in the course of your workflow without slowing you down.

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