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MPC offers the most cost effective, efficient method of compliance program creation, implementation, and ongoing administration on the market.

Regardless of your organization’s size, MPC works seamlessly and unobtrusively to your practice operations….affordably.  NO high priced consultants; NO overpriced notebooks filled with policy templates; MPC is the notably unique offering in an often bewildering and increasingly complicated world of healthcare compliance.

MPC’s fee structure consists of a one-time, initial sign-up fee, and an affordable monthly charge based on the number of employees in your organization. Payment is made by a credit card through an industry standard, secure, third party merchant service so you can be confident in MPC’s payment processing. MPC was purposely designed with the additional technology to process payments in this manner to give you the assurance that your monthly payments are done accurately and securely every time.

Initial Sign-Up Fee:                     $250.00 Per Client Organization.

Monthly Employee Fee:             $5.00 Per Month Per Employee.
                                                      (Minimum charge $50.00 per month*)

                            * Six-Month Minimum Service                             

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MPC Pricing

Pricing Page

MPC Pricing

MPC was designed intentionally as a flexible and simple of a software application as possible, with immense flexibility for use by small, medium and large organizations.


As such, MPC's pricing reflects MPC's objective of making a robust, flexible, compliance tool available to everyone in healthcare.


IMPORTANTLY, MPC is not priced based on some proprietary, secret formula that attempts to take into account the size of the Client.  MPC does not have a different price for hospitals than for clinics, nursing homes, DME outlets, Home Health organizations, etc.  One size fits all, by design.


A single, initial, affordable sign up fee and a low rate per employee per month.  No tricks, no "Call for pricing," no surprises. 


MPC, quite simply, intends to provide full compliance program functionality tools to everyone in healthcare, and help everyone achieve audit-readiness affordably and flexibly in creating an individualized ECR®.





Additional help is always just a click away at the MPC Client Resource Center.


FAQ's are grouped and listed, and there are multiple formats for each of the following:

Users Guide,

Quick Start Guide, and

Best Practices

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