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Do you spend countless hours looking for your compliance policies, updating them or documenting employee attendance at training sessions? If the answer is YES, then you are going to love MPC’s Policy Library!

MPC’s Policy Library provides an organized collection of compliance documents, resources and training materials which come together to form the heart of Your ECR™. This collection can contain materials in any format such as PDF Documents, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Presentations, Video Files, Pictures, and Links to websites that contain training materials, or handy reference resources.

The Policy Library is broken up into two components: My Policy Library and a Public Policy Library.


MPC provides “My Policy Library,” comprised of policy and procedure documents that you choose from the Public Policy Library, and those that you may write yourself or modify from other sources. All of your policies and procedures securely reside here.


The MPC Public Policy Library provides you with compliance materials, resources, guides and checklists, and sample documents ready to be used or tailored to your organization.

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