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That is the first question an auditor will ask when you are under review. The answer is often a scramble to find sign-in sheets for lunch-and-learns conducted last year, the year before, or who knows when. If the answer is anything but a confident “YES” while presenting a documented record of the date, time, training, and employee participation log, the risk of a failed review goes up fast. If you are manually searching files or computer disk drives to answer these questions, you may have a serious problem that is easily avoided: What was the content of the lunch-and-learn? What was in the policy document at that time? What did the employee actually sign off on? Where is the document with the employee’s signature?

While this scramble for information is all too common in a healthcare provider’s organization, these are questions you don’t want to be asking after being notified of an audit.

MPC’s solution to this all-too-common problem provides the easiest, most efficient and cost effective method of ensuring that all employees have been presented with and have signed off and agreed to every policy and procedure in your operation.

An MPC “Activity” is a compliance program distributed by email to each employee with a link to the online policy document. The employee clicks the link in the MPC email, views the policy document (which could be a video, printed document, or any format of material), and then clicks to indicate they have been presented with, understand, acknowledge, and will comply with the policy. Each employee’s action of viewing and agreeing is then stored in your ECR™.

The MPC administrator can create Activities at any time, follow up on which employees have and have not participated in the Activity, follow up, and stay on top of multiple compliance programs easily, without getting in the way of doing what you do…deliver healthcare in your practice operation.

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