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Medical Provider Compliance, LLC (“MPC”) was formed in response to the reality facing American healthcare providers today: the overwhelming number and complexity of regulations governing the delivery of healthcare, all of which are mandatory and non-delegable.

 Through the course of building and implementing a series of thorough compliance programs for healthcare organizations (e.g., HIPAA, HITECH, Medicare Advantage, Meaningful Use), MPC’s founders recognized common elements and activities, and the need for a centralized automated system to assist medical providers with performing the steps required for regulatory and contractual compliance.

MPC’s architects include individuals with extensive backgrounds in the areas of healthcare administration, accounting, law, health insurance, physicians, computer science, software development and end user representatives. Through their combined input and efforts, MPC was born with the goal of offering providers everything needed to be "audit-ready" with an individualized Electronic Compliance Record (ECR®).

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