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Audit readiness is a state of being prepared at all times to demonstrate proper processes and documentation were executed in a timely fashion in accordance with the appropriate policy standards. This is why after building and implementing a series of thorough compliance programs for healthcare organizations (e.g., HIPAA; HITECH; Medicare Advantage; Meaningful Use) MPC’s founders recognized the four cornerstones of healthcare compliance programs:
Compliance is an ACTION. Provider organizations must do compliance as compliance is non-delegable; you cannot meet compliance by buying forms or hiring consultants. While one size does not fit all with compliance programs, policies and procedures, Compliance Action is always required.

When you do compliance there are COMMON ELEMENTS and activities that lend themselves to being automated so they don’t get in the way of your business.

The litmus test to a Compliance Program is your RECORD of Compliance Activities. Under audit, the record is all that matters, and law requires the record be maintained for at least six years.

Certain compliance activities can run on auto-pilot, and today’s web-based technology facilitates AUTOMATING compliance so it doesn’t get in the way of your managing your practice.

MPC’s architects include individuals with extensive backgrounds in the areas of healthcare administration, accounting, law, health insurance, physicians, computer science, software development, and end user representatives. Through their combined input and efforts, MPC was born with the goal of offering providers everything needed to be "Audit-Ready" with an individualized Electronic Compliance Record ("ECR®").
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