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Healthcare in America is facing increasingly complex compliance requirements being pushed down onto individual medical practices like never before. MPC was built to be the easiest and most affordable method to get your healthcare organization "audit-ready".

MPC’s founders recognize that:

• Compliance is not optional. Compliance failures mean penalties and fines.


• Bounty hunting by commission based auditors are data mining, analyzing and screening your claims data.


• Figuring out what to do is bewildering and is only the first step


• Implementation of a thorough compliance program is painful, time consuming, expensive and seemingly unrewarding.


• Continuing administration of a thorough compliance program is never ending, and the last thing healthcare providers want to do.


• Ensuring the required recordkeeping is in place is laborious, confusing, often overlooked, and a potential source for penalties and fines.


• All healthcare providers are wrestling with the issue, and individual clinical operations are the least experienced, least equipped, least prepared, and least educated on the latest requirements.


• Common solutions are little more than expensive books or more expensive consultants, neither of which actually provide an ongoing, audit-ready compliance tool.


MPC was designed to help you attain compliance in a manner unlike any option available today. Through their web-based Electronic Compliance Record (ECR™), MPC affordably provides all the practical tools for compliance in one central location for your office manager to implement with as little disruption and intrusion into your practice as possible.


MPC is designed to help you avoid reinventing the wheel, avoid becoming a legal authority, and from turning your medical practice operation into a recreated government bureaucracy; most importantly, from being penalized for non-compliance.

MPC's Solution is
and Audit-Ready

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